Sun Power to Harvest your Land

As a farmer land is the most important thing that you own in your life and harvesting it in the best way is your primary duty for better income. In today’s world when the industry is moving towards autonomous vehicles, the farm equipment industry is thriving to develop tractors that are powered by electricity.

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Quote of the Day – #ShriramAutomall http

Quote of the Day – #ShriramAutomall

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Shriram Automall in association with CLAAS conducts a special bidding event

Shriram Automall in association with Claas Harvester private ltd will be conducting a special bidding event for disposal of unused old agricultural machinery on 26th August 2016 at Attur, Salem, 10:  am onwards. Read more at


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Where To Buy Commercial Truck From



Thinking about starting a new transportation business? Get strong as it will require a lot of effort & money to launch it in the best possible way. We suggest you go ahead with a fleet ofpre-owned commercial trucks instead of new ones to start with as they come light on your pocket. Since, every truck is equipped with different features, safety factor and price; your choice will be purely dependent on the business and its requirement. Let’s dig deep into different places from where a used commercial truck can be bought.

Check out used commercial truck online

Most of us are still under the impression that internet is not a place to hunt for used commercial trucks. But, the reality is way ahead of our imagination. Internet is flooded with various options in second hand commercial trucks.

Visit Bidding Events

Bidding as a medium to acquire or dispose pre-owned vehicles has become quite prominent in today’s era. Regular bidding events take place across India for the exchange of pre-owned commercial trucks. Do visit one of them for a wide variety to choose from. Shriram Automall is one such place to look up to for participating in a bidding event

Visit local truck dealerships

A newspaper can help you a lot here. It carries the contact details of local dealers. So, go through it properly to reach out one near your location.

Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL) is a renowned name in the pre-owned segment of Indian automobile industry, which regularly conducts a number of bidding events all over the country through their 60+ well structured Automalls


At SAMIL, we serve a wide range of pre-owned commercial trucks on our transparent bidding platforms, including physical bidding, online bidding, OneStop classified and private treaty.” – Mr. Sameer Malhotra, CEO of SAMIL

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Almost every commercial or industrial business makes use of trucks. Generally, the start-up cost of such businesses contains a heavy investment in acquiring trucks, be it a new or used. Well, it’s true that the purchase of even a used truck is quite heavy on pocket. But, there are some market players like Shriram Automall who in association with Shriram Transport Finance Company doesn’t let you feel the burden on your pocket every time. Due to the presence of financial institutions across the nation, now everyone has a financial muscle for acquiring a pre-owned truck. The main reason for this is truck being valuable collateral, which ensures low risk for the lenders.

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Are you looking forward to buy a Pre-owned commercial vehicle for your business? Great! That means your business is growing. But in case you are doing it for the first time, then be cautious as it can be a little intimidating thing to do. Do not relate it with buying a car because the check list that goes into buying a pre-owned commercial vehicle is quite different. To make things easier for you, here are some dos and don’ts of buying a pre-owned commercial vehicle.

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Grand Inauguration Of #ShriramAutomallDh

Grand Inauguration Of #ShriramAutomallDhanbad on 21st July 2016!
Lots of vehicles and equipment available.

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