Want more in return for your beloved Pre-owned Vehicle?

Cars are more reliable than ever before, so buying a used car makes a lot of sense. Thereby there is the huge demand for them in the market. But like buying a new vehicle, selling one can be quite troublesome and research full as well.

This blog will tell you about how you can make most out of you transaction while serving the potential buyer. As we all know once the new vehicle is out of the showroom, it starts depreciating its value.

So, keep in mind the professional facts brought by the Leading pre-owned vehicles& equipment transaction company – Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL) before, after and during the process of selling your beloved asset to someone else.

We hope these steps will help you get most out of your desired deal.

When to sell: Be aware that value of your vehicle is depreciating with time. So, as an owner you have to decide how long you want to keep the vehicle with you, as three year old vehicle will definitely fetch you more money as compared to a car that older.

There are other factors as well which diminish its value like Quality, Appearance etc*

Before you sell: After deciding to sell off your vehicle and before selling it, keep in mind the re-sale value you expect to get out of the deal. You can check online as well as consider the professional help from SAMIL for exact valuation of your vehicle.

Also, if you haven’t taken your vehicle for service from quite some time, take it for servicing and change any faulty or non-operational parts to get more value for your car.

To some up you can go through these points:

  • Wax on, wax off
  • Bright lights
  • Windshield chips/cracks
  • Brakes
  • Shiny wheels
  • Inside jobs
  • Get your papers in order
  • Make easy fixes
  • Try not to have a scratch-and-dent sale

Deal with Potential Buyers:  You can always go through the process of selling your pre-owned vehicle with SAMIL for better transparent transaction experience at optimal prices. As with SAMIL, interested buyers can bid on your vehicles and you can choose the minimum amount you want for your used vehicle.

Token Money:  If you find the potential interested buyer for your vehicle, ask for the token money and give him/her some due convenient date to arrange for the rest of the money and handover the car keys only after the full payment.

Paper Work: Involvement of legal work while selling a car, result in a lot of paper work which seller should not delay and take for granted.  So, we have bought you the list of documents you need to be in check with:

  • Transfer of ownership of the car
  • NOC from finance company if applicable
  • Copy of the delivery note
  • Original registration certificate
  • RTO tax certificate
  • Insurance policy (update the insurance company about the transfer of ownership)
  • Copy of the invoice of the car
  • Owner’s manual of the car.
  • Service history of the car
  • Application to the RTO for an NOC if the buyer’s residence is in the area of jurisdiction of another RTO.

These paperwork’s, implement that ownership has been transferred and you will not be dragged in any matter including your ex-vehicle, be it an accident/ criminal offence etc. so make sure to do them on time.

Consider SAMIL, for all kind of used vehicles and equipment requirements to experience the best out of the most innovative platforms. Visit your nearby Automall or download “MY SAMIL APP” to go through the inventory of best in class used vehicles and equipment of every make and model.

You can also click the link below for easy and quick registration or to download MySAMIL App.


Mobile App – https://goo.gl/BMpnCf

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Acquire Matchless Used Construction Equipment – SAMIL ,,

India Construction equipment segment is the most volatile segment of the industry. As it faces ups /& downs on regular basis. In 2007, the segment for the first time faced demand exceeding 50,000 units in India.

Since, then due to modifications in the infrastructure, construction and mining sector in India, construction equipment segment has become one of the fastest growing segments of automobile industry in India. In terms of the number of units sold, the Indian construction equipment market is dominated by six machine types. Of these, backhoe loaders, crawler excavators, mobile cranes and wheeled loaders face quite more demand.

Construction equipments do not only makes it easier to complete the project but also ensures the efficient use of labor, time and money.  Almost 30-35% of money involved in construction is dedicated towards procurement of good machinery and equipment.

Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL) understands that successful construction depends on the perfection of tools and equipment employed and it is not always possible to afford new construction equipment. So, they offer pre-owned construction equipment in extraordinary quality and easily affordable prices.

It has helped many architects and construction business owners through their great services and bidding platforms. SAMIL

Company value customer experience and expectations and work on it by providing consumers what they want through various result oriented platforms. With its widely spanning 70+ well established Automalls & 150+ Bidding Locations, in both rural and urban areas, company provides huge range of pre-owned construction equipment of every make and model at optimal prices.

If you as well need to acquire used equipments of your choice at the most optimal price, visit your nearby Automall today or simply click the link below to go through the inventory full of used vehicles and equipment.



Mobile App – https://goo.gl/BMpnCf

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Shriram Automall (MANGALORE) –1st Anniversary Event

On 13th September’2017, SAMIL’s Mangalore Automall completed its 1st year of success emerging from hard work and dedication towards its customers. Company is going to celebrate the Anniversary on 20th September’2017.

The Automall when inaugurated was the 7th facility in the Karnataka State and in line with the aggressive expansion plan of the company. It was the 61st Automall of the company in the country. Now company has expanded its reach to 70+ Automalls serving customers everywhere from the nook & corner.

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SAMIL Along With STFC Creating the Onestop Destination for Pre-Owned Vehicles & Equipment!

Shriram Automall India Limited(SAMIL), the name of trust and reliability, is the 100% subsidiary of Shriram Transport Finance Company (STFC). STFC is one of the largest asset financing NBFCs in India with a niche presence in financing pre-owned trucks and Small Truck Owners (STOs).

India is known to have the biggest automobile markets and also is presently the leading one when growth is concerned. The passenger and commercial Indian automobile industry is among the top ten on global scale of its kind.

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Eco-driving can cut up to 25% of your fuel bill. Let’s talk how?

According to the investigated data, by adopting an eco-driving style, drivers can slash both their fuel bill and their emissions by as much as 25 % compared with ‘normal-average’ driving behavior.

Fact is small changes to the way you drive can have a big impact on fuel economy. People go to extraordinary lengths to save money but then they jump in their cars and waste fuel. Through eco-driving they can avoid that.

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New 70th Esteem Shriram Automall’s Facility coming in Guntur!

Shriram Automall India Limited(SAMIL) is India’s Most Trusted Platform for Exchange of Used Vehicles & Equipment in a Transparent & Organized Manner. Company through its remarkably innovative services has created a renowned name for itself in the country and now while expanding its reach company has decided to inaugurate a well structured Automall facility in Guntur.

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Buyer’s Preference shift to Premium Trucks!

After GST rollout from 1st July’2017, Commercial vehicle segment in the country has witnessed a change in growth. To bring back momentum in the segment which has struggled to recover since last year’s demonetization, leading commercial-vehicle makers are giving steep double-digit discounts.

With the change in characteristics of infrastructure, vehicle ownership, and truck drivers, the industry can now witness increased preference change of truck market & players towards beyond low-budget trucks day-by-day.

The changing needs & preferences has urged for the demand & development of new kinds of trucks. These trucks are much more like premium trucks also known as ‘value trucks’ as compared to the basic economy trucks which were at a time the necessity for survival and now going to be a thing of the past.

This changing attitude towards the market, create the demand in the market for the value trucks that provide complete truck solutions to the customers. Though, more of value trucks still remain a challenge as it occupies less than 10% of the market due to the volatility in freight rates, high fuel prices, and overcapacity slowing investment.

Social & Economic changes as well are broadly making the truck industry distinctive –

  1. The economy is becoming more globalized; middle classes are shrinking in mature economies and growing in emerging markets.
  2. Changes in consumer behavior in the emerging markets, where large numbers of people are mirroring affluent Western lifestyles, are leading to more call for small, time-critical deliveries.
  3. As digital technologies take hold, including for medium and heavy-duty trucks, there is a shortage of skilled drivers, with an associated need to provide driver support.

The requirement for transport of goods is expected to grow markedly which will potentially help in the robust growth of Indian Truck Industry as well.

And as you know that the ratio of new commercial vehicles to that of the used ones is 1:1 in our country, we suggest you to go for the better used model of commercial vehicle in the same budget.

Shriram Automall India Limited offers the inventory of pre-owned commercial vehicles of all make & model including premium trucks at optimal prices.

So, visit now to acquire the one you desire.

You can also go through their inventory by downloading MYSAMIL App or simply by clicking the link below.

LINK: https://goo.gl/tk9WYw

Download MySAMIL App: https://goo.gl/BMpnCf

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