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Read about: “Used Trucks – Absolutely L

Read about: “Used Trucks – Absolutely Lucrative for Trucking Business in India”

Used Trucks – Absolutely Lucrative for Trucking Business in India

Used Trucks in India

We live in an age when survival on earth is solely dependent on money. It is a major factor behind the smooth lives of people. Our experiences have brought us to a point where we can hardly make out if we live to earn or earn to live. Various people prefer getting into a business in order to make more money in less time. Within various lucrative businesses, trucking is yet another fruitful business which lures many people. And, when it comes to used trucks in India, the business gets even more enticing and profitable.

All of us want to save money for our future and side-by-side, earn more from our existing business. Well, if we want both of them at the same, then buying a used truck for further disposal is the best option. We all know that trucking business is very good at money-spinning but purchasing a new truck is quite a burden on pockets. In such a scenario, a pre-owned truck comes to your rescue. A used truck is available at very reasonable rate. And, if you are thinking of quality and variety, then I must say that once you are out there to buy one, you’ll discover an all new world with various options and quality.    

If you are looking for a trustworthy name to buy your next used truck, then Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL) is the perfect option for you. The company provides well-organised and transparent bidding platforms that make you a proud owner of used trucks.

Used trucks are a substantial segment of our offerings. We believe that this segment has a great potential and we aim at serving every need in this arena with utmost quality in our offerings.” – Mr. Sameer Malhotra, CEO of SAMIL


#SAMIL is showcasing wide variety of #us

#SAMIL is showcasing wide variety of #used #vehicles and #equipment on 25th July 2014 in #PONDICHERRY, #COIMBATORE, #HOOGHLY, #CUDDAPAH, #BILASPUR and #MANESAR

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News:”VECV introduces Kerala with new light and medium duty trucks”

Quote of the day – #SAMIL

Quote of the day – #SAMIL

“Great Happiness Rides on the Smallest

“Great Happiness Rides on the Smallest Car of India” – #Used #Tata #Nano

Want to purchase #used #vehicles in comp

Want to purchase #used #vehicles in complete transparency??

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