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#Shriram #Automall #Bilaspur completes 1

#Shriram #Automall #Bilaspur completes 1 year of its journey with flying colours.
Let’s raise a toast to its one year old success on 25th April 2014!

SAMIL #vehicles and #equipment bidding e

SAMIL #vehicles and #equipment bidding event on 26th April 2014 in CHENNAI
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Must read about “How to Sell a #Used #V

Must read about “How to Sell a #Used #Vehicle in #India?”
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How to Sell a Used Vehicle in India?

India as a market for pre-owned vehicles is structured on a much unorganised platform. Most of the people buy or sell their used vehicle through roadside small dealers. In such circumstances, there is a huge risk involved in every deal. The moment at present calls for enhancing the arena of organised and well-structured platforms that facilitate trade in the pre-owned vehicles of automobile industry. If we take a look at the disposal of second hand vehicles, it is very important to make use of the right platform to ensure maximum realisation on the asset. Let’s take a look at various platforms through which you can sell out a pre-owned vehicle.

  • Dealership

There are various dealers that facilitate the disposal of used vehicles in India. All you have to do is simply research on the nearest dealer to your home and take your vehicle there. Later on, it is his duty to hunt for the right customer for you. The dealer does charge a commission for the deal, which is a certain percentage of the total amount.

  • Bidding

Bidding is a quite new concept in the trade of used vehicles in India. But over the time, it has gained immense popularity amongst the people who are familiar to it. Companies, like Shriram Automall India Limited, facilitate a wide variety of bidding platforms on which people can acquire or disposed pre-owned vehicles. This bidding is carried out online, in an Automall or through negotiated deals. As an exciting medium, it offers best price realisation on the assets.

If you wish to dispose or sell any of your pre-owned vehicles, then do get in touch with Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL). As a pioneer in introducing well-structured bidding platforms for the trade of pre-owned vehicles and equipment, the company has brought a drastic change in the automobile industry.

“SAMIL has a pan India presence through its Automall facilities across the country. The recent launch of our Automall in Delhi is all set to facilitate an exciting bidding experience for the trade of pre-owned vehicles and equipment.” – Mr. Sameer Malhotra, CEO of SAMIL    

SAMIL #vehicles and #equipment bidding e

SAMIL #vehicles and #equipment bidding event on 25th April 2014 in #MANESAR, #KURNOOL, #BILASPUR, #KHAMMAM and #RANIGANJ

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What to Look Out for While Buying a Pre-Owned Car


Automobile industry in India is consistently enhancing its dimensions with a boom in the pre-owned cars segment. The last few months have showcased a tremendous growth in the sale of used cars in India. While people shifted their preference from new cars towards used cars, India began to ride on luxury at an affordable price. If we take a look at the trade of second hand cars in India, the sector is built on a quite risky platform withan incorporation of unorganised players to a great extent. In order to strike best deals while purchasing a pre-owned car in India, follow the points given below.

  • While purchasing a used car, make sure you pick the latest option out of the lot. There are various people who dispose their car immediately after few month of purchase. In fact, many sell their car even before its warranty period expires.
  • Do not hesitate and get lazy in carrying out an extensive research on your choice. Do look for any sort of complaint filed against the pre-owned car that you choose. This research can be carried out online as well.
  • Once you are sorted with the research, do not forget to do the physical inspection of the used car. Do check out its condition in order to avoid expenses in future.
  • Service records of a used car also play an important role in arriving at a wise decision. Always look out for a well-maintained service record which actually acts as proof for its better condition.     

If you are hunting for a pre-owned car in India, check out for a wide variety at some amazing prices. Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL) facilitates the trade of pre-owned vehicles and equipment through its transparent and well-organised bidding platforms. 

“Pre-owned cars segment in India has witnessed a massive growth in the recent past. In quest of setting some incredible benchmarks in this arena, we at SAMIL addressed the growth through our transparent bidding platforms which further lead to building a strong association with the customers.” – Mr. Sameer Malhotra, CEO of SAMIL

“What to Look Out for While Buying a #P

“What to Look Out for While Buying a #Pre-Owned #Car?”
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