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SAMIL #vehicles and #equipment bidding e

SAMIL #vehicles and #equipment bidding event on 22nd April 2014 in #HAPUR, #LATUR, #CHENNAI, #MANCHERIAL, #TIRUPATHI, #LUCKNOW, #DEWAS, #THANE, #JHARSUGUDA, #GUWAHATI and #HOOGHLY.
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Just in Shriram Automall #Delhi Inaugura

Just in
Shriram Automall #Delhi Inauguration about to commence.
Watch us LIVE at
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Watch us tomorrow!!! LIVE Grand Inaugura

Watch us tomorrow!!!
LIVE Grand Inauguration and Bidding Event at Automall Delhi, Click here:

SAMIL Grand Vehicles & Equipment Bidding

SAMIL Grand Vehicles & Equipment Bidding Event on 18-Apr-2014 in #AURANGABAD and #PATHANKOT. click here to know more.

Must read: “How Business Plan Helps in

Must read: “How Business Plan Helps in Making a Correct Choice for #Used #Trucks”

Don’t miss the glorious chance to be a

Don’t miss the glorious chance to be a part of SAMIL mega event on 17th April 2014 in #HARIDWAR, #COIMBATORE, #CUDDAPAH, #VISAKHAPATNAM and #GUWAHATI
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Online Car Bidding – A Drive on the Lanes of your Dream

He’s young. He’s energetic. He starts and ends his day with a mobile phone. Instead of real space, he spends most of his day in the world of internet. He loves to travel, but in his own car. Yes, he is ambitious and a dreamer too. He wants his own car but only through his pocket, which is not deep yet. Obviously, he can’t meet the expenses of a new sedan and he’s even not in for a hatchback. So, he goes for a middle option which is a smarter choice as it fulfills his need at the cost of his own pocket only. Yes, he opts for a used car which fits perfectly into his brand and model choice.


His tech-savvy nature gets attracted to a wide-range of options available on the internet. And while he surfs, he lands onto a platform which makes his search even more exciting. As he gets introduced to online car bidding, he simply gets ready for an exhilarating experience ahead.


With the advent of new media online car bidding has become quite prominent amongst the youth section of our society. Being an innovative platform to carry out the trade of cars, online car bidding has earned the trust of millions of people around the globe. The most amazing thing about online car bidding is its ability to facilitate the comfort of buying a car while sitting at your most comfortable couch at home. As a substantial part of internet-driven lifestyle, online car bidding is the best way to buy a car.


If you fit into the category of a smart trader, visit and take the best of benefits while trading used vehicles and equipment with Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL). As a pioneer, SAMIL provides well-structured and transparent bidding platforms, including online bidding, physical bidding, private treaty and one stop classified.


“At SAMIL, we make every possible effort in serving sheer transparency in our deals. While walking towards a self-made destiny, we aim at consistently enhancing the arena of our operations with the introduction of innovative practices.” – Mr. #Sameer #Malhotra, CEO of SAMIL


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